Selecting a rug – good tips to remember when shopping rugs.

Consider the space and needs before selecting a rug. It is recommended to select a rug that is large enough to allow partial placement underneath pieces of furniture, such as a sofa or bed. Especially a rug to be placed underneath a dining table should be large enough to also accommodate the dining table chairs and moving them. Corridor and hall runners typically have a standard width of 80 cm.

Those aiming for a harmonious ambiance should select a rug that matches the colour scheme of the rest of the home. On the other hand, a statement rug can be the focal point of the whole space. Often, trends impact rug selection. As a rule of thumb, a light-coloured rug creates a sense of space while a darker one introduces a sense of character and depth. The colours of the
rug and floor should be in contrast with each other.

Estimate the level of wear in the space. A hall runner needs to be made of a more durable material than, for example, a bedroom rug. It is also good to observe all individuals and situations in life, children, allergies and pets when selecting a rug. Older people, for instance, appreciate light-weight rugs that are easier to move about.


The Rauha carpet is made from jute, which is an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice as it is a biodegradable and renewable material.


Rugs made from natural fibers, such as jute and hemp, create a natural atmosphere in your home. The vivid and rough texture of rugs made from natural fibers softens the space and the neutral color scheme creates a calming atmosphere.

Jute and hemp are durable natural materials and an ecological choice thanks to renewing quickly. Jute and hemp rugs are always individual and natural variation occurs from piece to piece.

Timeless and practical natural-fiber rugs are used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. A jute or hemp rug is an excellent choice for the hallway, living room or kitchen. Rugs made with natural fibers are also suitable for outdoor use on covered decks and balconies.

Care instructions: vacuuming, airing and spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Gentle wet cleaning, if necessary. Dry on an airy, even surface.

Rugs made with natural fibers have a characteristic smell that will dissipate in time. You can speed this process along by airing the rug in a dry space. Please note that moisture will enhance the smell of the rug.

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Juuri-maton upea salmiakkikuvio muodostuu huovutetuista villapalloista, jotka antavat matolle kauniin, elävän pinnan.


Wool rugs will lend your home some softness and warmth. A wool rug is a classic and natural choice for your interior design.

Wool is a pleasant natural material, often chosen for its warmth and durability. Wool is naturally dirt-repellent, and when cared for properly, you can enjoy your durable wool rug for a long time. Hand-woven wool rugs are unique and will have natural variation in terms of weave and color.

Wool rugs are suitable for many spaces in the home. Thick, textured wool rugs are beautiful eye-catching interior design elements and best suited for living rooms. Thinner two-sided wool rugs are practical and suitable for different rooms in the home.

Care instructions: regular vacuuming, airing and spot cleaning. Avoid rubbing. Professional rug cleaning, when necessary.

Some shedding may occur, especially when the rug is new, which is normal for natural materials and will dissipate with time. Regular vacuum cleaning will help reduce shedding.

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Aulanko-matto on kaunis hampun ja puuvillan sekoituksesta käsinkudottu matto.


Cotton rugs are practical and comfortable to walk on and they create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Cotton is a natural material that is easy to care for. Practical cotton rugs are very durable and often easy to maintain. Cotton will not generate static electricity and it has a comfortable feel to it.

Cotton rugs are suitable for many rooms in the home. A tufted cotton rug is soft and will muffle the sound of your foot steps. It is an impressive choice for lounge areas. A thin, woven cotton rug is a practical choice for the kitchen, hallway and other spaces in the home.

Care instructions: vacuuming, airing, spot cleaning. Wet cleaning, when necessary. Dry on an airy, even surface.

New tufted cotton rugs may shed, which will dissipate with time. Regular vacuum cleaning will help reduce shedding.

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