Even if you can’t make big changes to your toilets and bathrooms, you can still make small upgrades that will make the space more attractive and comfortable. Give your interior a fresh look by changing textiles and rug. Add stylish shelves to the walls, on which you can place beautiful decorative items or practical storage baskets. And what better way to update the look of your space than to get a gorgeous new mirror that reflects the beauty around it – these simple changes will make a room look completely different.

Add functionality to your room with mirrors and small furniture

Wall hooks and shelves are necessary in the toilet and bathroom. They help keep the area around the sink and bathtub tidy while also saving floor space. You can attach the desired shelf to the bathroom wall or create a unique storage solution for towels using a towel holder ring. Hooks are also handy for hanging jewelry and accessories.

Mirrors are an important part of the interior design and functionality of bathroom spaces. They are useful tools that make applying makeup, styling hair, and shaving easier and more comfortable. Mirrors can also add a sense of space and brightness to small spaces.

Functional lighting is a part of interior design

Small and compact ceiling lights are particularly suitable for small spaces. The importance of lighting in toilets and bathrooms is extremely significant, as it must be able to fulfil two important functions: providing sufficient light and creating a pleasant atmosphere. Damp-resistant lights are primarily used in bathrooms. Always consider the minimum distances required for luminaires from water points and other protection requirements.

Complete your interior with baskets made of natural materials

Want to keep your bathroom and toilet organised without a boring storage solution? Don’t worry, we have a solution! Beautiful storage baskets made of natural materials not only keep things organised, but also add a touch of elegance to your interior. Give your home natural beauty and a more authentic look with multi-purpose baskets.

By storing your make-up and other cosmetics in stylish baskets, your furniture drawer units will always stay clean and organized. Extra storage space for small items is always necessary. Storage baskets with hanging loops are an excellent choice for a wall hook. Who would have thought that even toilet paper could look good when the spare rolls are stylishly arranged in their own basket on the floor.

Textiles easily give a new look

Do you want a calm and unified style in your bathroom? Imagine stepping into a bathroom where different textures and materials blend seamlessly together to create a natural and calming atmosphere in earthy tones. Natural tones and a minimalist colour palette create a sense of space and harmony in tight squares, and natural looks are always in fashion.

One easy way to brighten up the bathroom is to change the textiles. New towels and rug add freshness and softness to the whole look of the toilet. For textiles, choose either the same colours or shades that go well together.

Get everyday luxury with Ruutu towels made from recycled cotton. The waffle-knit towels feel wonderfully soft against the skin and absorb moisture well.

An essential part of finishing a bathroom is the bathroom rug, which completes the look of the entire space. The hardness and coolness of a tiled floor can feel uncomfortable for bare feet, but a soft rug makes your feet feel comfortable. In addition, the rug protects the floor.