With these tips, you can create a relaxed coastal atmosphere in your interior.

The interior design ideas are inspired by archipelago nature; from the stones shaped by water, the waving grasses of the wind and the blue tones of the ocean waves.

The keystones of nautical decor:

  • white and blue shades are perfect for coastal interiors.
  • Add a touch of sand color to the blues and whites.
  • Stripes are a key element of a coastal interior design style.
  • Favour natural materials; storage baskets and lampshades made from seagrass.
  • Choose jute rugs with a lively texture. Their rough texture softens the space and their neutral colouring creates a calm atmosphere.
  • Add softness with decorative cushions and transparent curtains.
  • Add lanterns and candles to finish off the sea-inspired décor.

Can you already feel summer and the laid-back beach life approaching?

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