Wool rugs

Wool rugs will lend your home some softness and warmth. A wool rug is a classic and natural choice for your interior design.

Wool is a pleasant natural material, often chosen for its warmth and durability. Wool is naturally dirt-repellent, and when cared for properly, you can enjoy your durable wool rug for a long time. Hand-woven wool rugs are unique and will have natural variation in terms of weave and color.

Wool rugs are suitable for many spaces in the home. Thick, textured wool rugs are beautiful eye-catching interior design elements and best suited for living rooms. Thinner two-sided wool rugs are practical and suitable for different rooms in the home.

Care instructions: regular vacuuming, airing and spot cleaning. Avoid rubbing. Professional rug cleaning, when necessary.

Some shedding may occur, especially when the rug is new, which is normal for natural materials and will dissipate with time. Regular vacuum cleaning will help reduce shedding.

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